Let us light your world!

Unique items for your home


Lamps are a portable way to add light to a space or a task. We stock a large selection of manufactured lamps! We also offer Unique lamps made from various objects. Have you seen old lamps reinvented to new lamps?

Lamp Shades & Accessories

Lamp shades and accessories are the final touch to bring a lamp to life. Help us pick the right shade for your lamp by bringing your lamp with you. Once you have chosen your lamps and shade combination, Finials add a jewel to every lamp.

Lamp Repair

Sometimes you love your lamp, but it no longer works. Bring your lamp in and let us review it for repair or possibly reinventing it and bringing it back to beauty and good working order. Often we can bring the lamp you love back to life!

Home Decor & Handcrafted Things

We stock many Home Decor & Handcrafted items that can add a touch of personality and color to your home decor. Sometimes you may just want to change up your home decor as the seasons roll around!


We offer Jewelry made from different items such as marbles and bullets. Each design is beautiful and unique. We stock topaz, ruby, clear, rose, amethyst, emerald, aquamarine, and sapphire colored crystals.

Unique Furniture

Our showroom features antique, reinvented, and vintage furniture. Each design is different and unique. From traditional to mid-century, you may find that special furniture that you have been searching for!