Our Story






Lamps & Things located at 5737 Fort Henry Dr. Kingsport Tn. It came into existence by working in the lightning industry for 26 years, and seeing a huge demand for lamp repair and replacement shades, that was one big reason for beginning this journey. I have always had a creative gene. I have loved making lamps out of unique items, and that sparked the start of this dream!

We love to hear all the stories and history of the lamps and things that people bring in. We always say “lamps and things” have a story, history, and passion. We enjoy seeing the many different unique things that we may not even begin to imagine that can be made into a lamp or thing. So, with that being said never throw away your lamp, or an item that means so much to you. Bring it to us and we will figure out a way to transform or bring that “lamp or thing” back to life!

Lamps have so many different and special meanings and values to people. They were their moms, grandparents, or they just love the lamp and do not want to part ways with it. Don’t throw it away or put it in a garage sale. We can fix your lamp or lamps up for you, add a new shade and it will be as good as new! 

Lamps can make a room come to life, whether it be adding a brand new shade to a lamp that has had the same shade on it for many years, changing the design, or taking a special item and transforming it into a lamp. The possibilities are endless!

Lamps and Things also have many local people on consignment in the shop such as gift ideas, home decor, local art, hand-painted furniture, plus more. We have mostly one of a kind items. They are very unique and almost all items have a story.  Every person involved in the shop plays a special part, we are truly blessed.

“Lamps and Things” are like people. We all are different and have our own story. It tells us who we are and what your space is. Don’t lose yourself trying to look like everyone else, be you and have your home, office, etc look and be what you want it to be!!