Our Story

Lamps and Things by Alda was inspired by working in the lighting industry for 26 years. I started off by just playing around making lamps out of unique things. That was the start of my dream.

I have a passion for making stories come alive in a lamp or a thing. I also enjoy seeing the kinds of things that we may not even begin to imagine can be made into a lamp or a thing. While working with homeowners, I realized that people were always asking for shades and lamps to be repaired. Their lamps meant something to them. It was either their moms, their grandmothers, or a lamp they just loved. Lamps have history, stories, and passion.

Lamps also can make any room come to life, whether it be adding a new shade or bringing an old lamp back to life. I decided to make a change and take a leap of faith. All lamps have a passion and a purpose. Lamps and things are like people. We all are different, and we all have our own story. It tells who we are and what our space is.

I hope we can come along side each other, get creative and just have fun with lamps!